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About KidzCare Tanzania

KidzCare Tanzania is a registered charity in Tanzania that was initially registered under the name, Friends of Tanzania. In 2008 the name was officially changed to KidzCare Tanzania. 

Mission Statement

Kidzcare Tanzania exists to enhance the care of underprivileged children and orphans, in distressful circumstances regardless of religion, nationality or cultural background through medical, education and nutrition programs.

KidzCare Africa is a US based 501(c3) that exits to raise funds in the U.S. and provide strategic guidance for KidzCare Tanzania.

Bob and Mary Notman
Rob and Mary Notman
Co-founders and Co-managing Directors

Rob and Mary Notman founded KidzCare Tanzania in 2000, and continue to serve as Country Director and Charity Liason and Fundraiser, in managing and expanding the capacity of the organisation. Through their experience and knowledge of the local culture, gained over a 16 year period in Tanzania, they have initiated projects in both urban and rural areas, assisting children in need through a variety of means, including orphan care, early childhood learning programs, medical assistance including arranging and funding major surgeries, and assisting in emergency situations. The physical, educational, moral and spiritual development of the children in their programs is thier major goal. Robert and Mary have served in children’s charity work for over 20 years prior to coming to Tanzania.

A Vision Worth Supporting

KidzCare’s vision is to expand their preschool model and develop English Medium Primary Schools for the bright children in rural areas where such education is unaffordable or unavailable. Additionally, the orphan care program is in the process of being expanded, both within the Children’s Home and within the communities in which KidzCare has programs, enabling the charity to reach more children through Home Based Care. 

KidzCare’s hope and prayer is that more people will get involved in assisting us to expand our exisiting programs.

KidzCare Tanzania
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