KidzCare Tanzania
Tanzanian child nutrition

"Sound Mind through Sound Bodies”

As one of the poorest countries in the world, children in Tanzania are not guaranteed a good, enriching meal everyday. The uji nutrition program was started to help boost class participation and educational enrichment. Uji is a maize-based porridge mixed with milk for a high- protein meal. For 2,000/- TSh a month (approximately US$1.50), the children receive one cup of hot uji each school day. The result has been that the children go through the school day happy and full. 


Most rural children lack access to clean, sanitary water. A strong immune system, therefore, is critical. For 40 cents per year, we are able to deworm every child in the KidzCare pre schools and children’s home. Each child receives one deworming tablet each morning for 3 days and is then weighed.

Clean Drinking Water

Natural wells on the Ngonga and Kerege school properties provide clean water for all cooking, drinking, and everyday needs for the KidzCare students and staff.

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