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KidzCare Tanzania, a registered charity in Tanzania, providing underprivileged children and orphans in Tanzania with education, nutrition, and medical programs.






















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KidzCare Tanzania brings hope to children. Explore our projects to discover how you can be involved in making a difference in a kid's life.

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6 Grandmothers With Kids
Children's home Tanzania

There are currently 20 children in the home from throughout Tanzania. They live, learn, grow, and mature together in Christ. They share three meals a day together. The children attend the Kerege preschool on the property. Once they are old enough, they are sent to Kerege primary and secondary school in the village.

Tanzanian Preschools

Each pre-school is set up on a three-year curriculum, during which time the children are taught Swahili, as at home they speak their local dialect. They also learn basic English, letters, and numbers. The children learn through song, dance, visual aids, group activities, and writing exercises led by the teachers.

Tanzanian child nutrition

As one of the poorest countries in the world, children in Tanzania are not guaranteed a good, enriching meal everyday. The nutrition program was started to help boost class participation and educational enrichment. Uji is a maize-based porridge mixed with milk for a high protein meal.

Medical for Tanzanian children

Giving a child a chance to live life without physical restriction is one of the most amazing things to see. The KidzCare-CCBRT rehabilitation project focuses on children with physical disabilities that are brought to the attention of members of the KidzCare team.

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